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Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira: “Hitler Will Continue to Live in the Abortionist Mentality”

On December 5, 1943, when Nazi Germany was on the cusp of defeat, Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira wrote an article analyzing the mentality behind the National Socialist regime. He predicted that even after the fall of the Third Reich, this mentality would continue, for example, in the abortionist mentality, inimical of life. Here are some excerpts:

Hitler is today’s Attila. Hitler will die; like those of Balthazar, his days are numbered. But Attila will not die, for Hitler is Attila, but Attila is not Hitler. Attila is the barbarism that appears in many quarters of the modern world. Attila is neither a man nor a people, but an idea, or rather, an anti-idea. It was Attila who organized in Germany, concentration camps, the Ordensburgen, the SS, and all the infamous apparatus of the Nazi party. It was he who tried to overthrow the altars of Christ to gather people to worship the sun in the recesses of forests.

But if Attila suffered a severe blow with Hitler’s downfall, he nevertheless will not die with Hitler or Nazism. Attila will continue to live in schools that make the apology of force, laboratories that advise sterilization and kill the unborn, currents that claim that man is neither free nor the master of his acts, but a slave to the unrelenting bestiality of his instincts: that is what Attila is.

In Nazism, Attila showed his entire bestial and abject face. Nazism is dead, but Attila will not die. Attila is a state of mind. As we said, Attila is an anti-idea, which is neither Hun, Germanic, Latin, Saxon, Black, Slavic, nor Japanese, but which can dominate any race from one moment to the next.

What we need is for the spirit and soul of Christian traditions to keep living. And for it to live, it needs to feed on Life; Life is Our Lord Jesus Christ.

(Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, “7 Dias em Revista”, Legionário, December 5, 1943, N° 590)




Translated by the staff of Fatima Today.

© Reproduction is authorized provided the source is acknowledged.


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