American TFP Finishes Historic Campaign With Rally in Honolulu

In early June, the American TFP set out with an ambitious goal.  They planned to pray the rosary publicly at every state capital and in as many US territories as possible.  In the face of the overwhelming chaos and confusion that currently reigns in America, these prayers would ask the Blessed Mother to bring her blessings and restore order over this land.

After four months of efforts, the goal was reached on September 19, when the final rosary rally was held at the State Capitol Building in Honolulu at the feet of the famous statue of St. Damien of Molokai that stands there.

Around 60 Catholics attended the event in spite of strict Covid regulations that have many Hawaii residents in a state of panic.  Nevertheless, attendees were overcome by a feeling of joy at having participated.  That is why they remained at the location for more than a half an hour after the event, engaging in lively conversation.

Many expressed their satisfaction in being able to go out and do something for the nation.  One lady said: “It has been so good to get out of the house and break the solitude, especially since it is to attend a religious event.  I think it has picked up everyone’s spirits.”

As people slowly dispersed and went their separate ways, all brought with them the satisfaction of having joined their efforts with thousands of Catholics from every state in the union.  Their hope was renewed that Our Blessed Lady will continue to watch over America throughout the difficult days through which it is passing.


Source: The American TFP


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