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Today the Police, Tomorrow the Military

The Revolution of 2020 continues. More and more calls can be heard across America asking for defunding or even abolishing the police.

In ordinary and sane times, these calls would be immediately dismissed. However, if anything characterizes the United States in 2020, it is not sanity. Sadly, politicians across the nation are jumping over themselves to acquiesce to these demands. Funds for police forces in many cities will be diverted to other “social justice” groups. Several of these groups openly desire the dismantling of Western society.

As disturbing as this trend might be, even more disconcerting is the disproportional reactions to these revolutionary proposals. Conservative politicians should be loudly decrying this suicidal dismantling of law enforcement. Police officers should be speaking out against being labeled the country’s enemies. There should be a massive outpouring of public support for the thousands of good police officers across America.

Afraid to Speak Out

Indeed, those opposed to this latest maneuver have been bullied into silence. Speaking out in support of the police is being labeled as “bigoted” or “racist.” Any politician who does not fully support the revolutionaries is now a target. Even liberals who express hesitancy can become the mob’s next target.

Have no illusions. Calls for defunding and abolishing the police are only the beginning of the leftists’ demands.  These efforts will not end with painting all cops as monsters. America’s armed forces will be next in the crosshairs.

The police and the military still symbolize order, sacrifice and honor in an increasingly chaotic world. In survey after survey, the military is the organization Americans trust the most. There will be active efforts to undermine this trust, especially if active-duty troops are called upon to quell civil unrest.

History Repeating?

The present urban riots have many parallels with the revolts of the sixties. Thus, the riots could lead to a repeat of the open antagonism and defamation of all active and retired military, as was seen back then.

Open calls for defunding the military will soon be heard if the revolutionaries get their way in dismantling law enforcement. If these efforts are not actively opposed, subversive groups will eagerly take advantage of the weakening situation.

Who benefits from this chaos? Not the American people. Indeed, if more Americans don’t do what they can to support those who keep the nation safe, society will fall victim to foreign and domestic enemies.

May God protect those who sacrifice to preserve the common good here in America. And may more Americans of goodwill turn to Him in this hour of great need.



Source: Return to Order


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