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Totalitarian Utopia and the New World Order

The Coronavirus epidemic continues to spread throughout the world. Not knowing when a remedy or vaccine for this mysterious disease will be available, we face an apocalyptic panorama. An invisible enemy has brought the world to its knees, radically changing everyone’s way of life. Time will tell whether China has been the main culprit for unleashing this catastrophe of unforeseeable consequences to impose its hegemony on the world or whether it was due to some other cause.

The outcome of the current crisis coincides entirely with the Chinese Communist Party’s plans for world domination and the final stage of the political process that proclaimed the fall of ideological barriers. That process began with the 1972 visit to China by then-President Richard Nixon. That was the beginning of a diabolical maneuver in which the nations of the West, led by the United States, decided to gradually move their factories, technology, and money to Mao Zedong’s Communist China in exchange for cheap, shoddy products with which the world has been flooded ever since.

China currently manufactures almost half of the world’s industrial products. Its economic boom has allowed it to take over leading companies in the West thanks to the benevolence, lack of foresight, and complicity of their owners. All this was done without its rulers renouncing their Marxist principles, their avowed ideological imperialism, and their blatant spirit of conquest.

This tragic scenario entirely coincides with another mysterious and simultaneous maneuver, which is the creation of a New World Order. In the face of the collapse of the Western economy, the worldwide imposition of a totalitarian, ecological, and miserabilist regime emerges as the only alternative for salvation. Accordingly, some leaders are proposing that the world set up a single government to face the crisis. That is equivalent to creating the Universal Republic, which coincides with the ultimate goal that Marxists have always sought. It is the scenario dreamed of by Marx, Stalin, and Mao Zedong.

That scenario was always deemed as an absurd totalitarian utopia. However, it seems to be the path on which all nations are being led. Incredible as it may seem, within a few days, individual liberties disappeared, almost all of us are imprisoned in our homes, and the entire world is paralyzed. As a consequence, nothing is bought or sold, except food and medicine, and the global economy has stagnated. Consumer sentiment vanished as shopping malls, warehouses, cinemas, and stadiums were closed. Almost all airplanes are grounded, tourism is nonexistent, hotels are empty, and roads deserted.

In the blink of an eye, we moved into a totalitarian world as if a science fiction novel had replaced reality. Those issuing relentless lockdown orders do not bother to explain how they intend to guarantee the survival of millions of people. Even the wealthiest states lack sufficient funds to sustain the population for a long time, let alone poor or underdeveloped countries, where any state subsidy will only last for a few weeks.

The world’s productive apparatus will be destroyed

However, the biggest problem we face is that the world’s productive apparatus has been paralyzed, which leads to severe and indescribable consequences. Billions of people are losing their usual means of subsistence. The State, that greedy and insatiable machine we have created, is losing its primary source of revenue, the enormous taxes paid by the productive sector, now prevented from operating and being forcibly led to extinction.

Many highly authoritative scientists have questioned the effectiveness of the measures taken. In reality, the mortality caused by the pandemic is not as apocalyptic as proclaimed. The number of deaths is less than 1% of those infected; the majority are cured without even resorting to medical treatments. Only those genuinely sick or suspected of being sick should be quarantined, but not at all those who are healthy. To the shame of our time, abortion kills nearly 40 million children worldwide each year, and very few are horrified by it. Yet, facing one or a few million deaths from the pandemic, an apocalypse is declared, the population is imprisoned, and the world is destroyed.

That begs an inevitable question: How will we face the coming catastrophe? A tiny minority will be able to live for many years with the money they have. But what will happen when half of the planet’s population loses their livelihood? What government can control millions of hungry and desperate people who have no way to survive? Did the “wise men” who rule us think of that?

This is so obvious that we wonder whether the way we are handling the pandemic is not leading to the suicide of humanity. To save us, governments have decided to kill civilization, throwing more than half of the earth’s population into famine. Crowds of people will take to the streets to demand the food that was taken from them and will do anything to get it. That is the scenario to which they are mysteriously pushing us without people realizing it because the hands leading us to the abyss are hiding something.

In the case of Colombia, as of April 30, there were only 293 deaths from the coronavirus. Other causes, including accidents, homicides, and other diseases, have certainly produced far more deaths than the pandemic. How many deaths will there be when social upheavals begin? Is it reasonable to cause the bankruptcy of all companies in the country and impoverish 50 million people in the face of this small number of victims?

Once again, the eyes of the world turn to the promises of Our Lady of Fatima, who clearly announced, 100 years ago, what we are now experiencing. The Virgin announced that a punishment would come for the grave sins of humanity, which were not few at that time but have grown exponentially since. Her announcements were hidden and ignored by those responsible for making them known. Yet they also contain a promise of mercy, expressed in Our Lady’s prophetic phrase at Fatima: “Finally, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.”


Translated by the staff of Fatima Today.

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