We Need a Great Reset (Not the One You’re Thinking of)

There is a major plan for change in society that is called the Great Reset. Rarely have I seen a plan so openly laid out to the public. Time magazine devoted a whole issue to the subject. Most major corporation CEOs (the Davos crowd) have signed on to the proposal. This is beyond conspiracy theory; it’s becoming policy.

The Great Reset is the brainchild of Klaus Schwab and is sponsored by the World Economic Forum. He sees it as a way of “reimagining capitalism” to make it a greener, more equitable wealth creation system. It stresses the idea of a “stakeholder” capitalism that considers the interests of all society rather than a shareholder version that concentrates on the profits of investors.

The Great Reset comes at a time of the COVID crisis, which is too good to waste. Many people are favorably disposed to its immediate and radical proposals to change the world.

The Need for a Great Reset

As much as I hate agreeing with the Davos crowd, I too think we need a great reset.

We need a great reset because our present systems are frenetically intemperate. They compel people to want everything instantly and effortlessly, to the detriment of the common good.

A great reset will help us deal with the breakdown of many social networks based on the family. There is nothing to replace them. Moreover, we are in a state of polarization and crisis, and the COVID-19 outbreak only makes things worse. Something must be done.

The time is ripe for a major change in society. We cannot sustain the present system for much longer unless we change direction.

We need a great reset—but it’s not Schwab’s Great Reset.

Two Possible Resets

We can say that history revolves around great resets. There are times when nations deteriorate and cannot get anything done. They need to make crucial decisions about which way they will go. Usually, a crisis triggers a decision that determines the nation’s future.

I further hold that there are only two resets possible. No more, no less. The reset details might vary according to the circumstances, but choices on the direction are limited to two.

The two options are predictably one toward the good and the other toward evil. We have now reached a point in our history where we must choose which reset to follow.

The Great Reset

The question is not if there is to be a reset but when. This decision is forced upon us by Schwab’s Great Reset. Its promoters openly say that everyone must be on board, like it or not. All the rich and powerful have signed off on it. Schwab claims his reset will lead down the sure path to a better future. I disagree. I believe it is an evil, a wrong choice that will take us to ruin.

For all the hullabaloo about this new program, Schwab’s plan is remarkably unoriginal. It reflects old socialist thinking about humanity, society and industry. Indeed, the left always progresses by recycling old, moldy ideas. The Great Reset rehashes leftist notions of grand central planning, egalitarian social structuring and changing human nature that have failed over the decades. The danger of the plan is its deceptiveness. It disguises its goals under the pretext of “reimagining” capitalism.

Schwab’s Great Reset is total. It calls for the world to “act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions.” Every country must participate, and all industries must be transformed. There is no opt-out.

The main components of the Great Reset consist of global policies to transform the world. It would incorporate a climate-change agenda with broad powers to end fossil fuels, levy taxes and decide policy. It would promote an equality program of identity politics with calls for diversity and inclusivity. The plan will enlist Big Tech’s services to “harness the innovations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to support the public good, especially by addressing health and social challenges,” in light of the COVID-19 crisis.

Like all such brave-new-world dystopian visions, the Great Reset omits any reference to morality. It tolerates every kind of sin and persecutes those who uphold norms of virtue. It is a world without morals or God, and it will lead to chaos.

 The Second Great Reset

There is a better reset option that will take our society toward good. That option is not proposed by any Klaus Schwab but by the Mother of God at Fatima.

The Fatima Message proposes a Great Reset tailored to our times. It is remarkably similar to the other reset since it repeats a common theme from the past, calls for a complete transformation of society and is addressed to all nations. However, the similarities end there.

When the Blessed Mother appeared to three shepherd children at Fatima in 1917, she spoke to a world in crisis. She called upon a sinful world to repent and convert—to reset. She provided a completely different program to effect this reset that consists of prayer, penance and amendment of life. She foretold the tragic consequences of not following her message that we have seen fulfilled. Yet worse things are to come if we continue disregarding the message.

Finally, Our Lady validated her message with a great miracle in which the sun “danced” in the sky before 70,000 people. She proved she had the wherewithal to make great changes if people would only listen.

The Battle of Two Resets

The sad state of the world calls for a great reset. We could say that the history of the world since Fatima has been a battle between resets, one proposed by Our Lady and others promoted by communism, socialism, Nazism, secularism, Islamism, and other totalitarian ideologies. Leftist options always propose totalitarian solutions that promise to transform everything without a return to moral living and virtue. Such man-centered schemes have failed miserably. That is why the latest reset option proposed by Schwab must be rejected in its entirety since it will not address the problem of our iniquities but only make them worse. It will introduce the terrible technological oversight of a Big Brother, not the solicitous gaze of a loving Mother.

Our Lady asked for a great reset, whereby we might reorient our priorities to the God that created us. She calls for a transformation of society where Christ would be King again. Although the entire world’s power and money are arrayed against her, the ultimate victory is hers, even if humanity refuses her advice. What makes her proposal attractive is that she has promised us that her Immaculate Heart will triumph in the end, regardless of our follies.

With her victory being a given, we are outright foolish to ignore her.


Source: The American TFP


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