Lights of Hope


Variety and Unity in Christmas Carols

Through Their Christmas Carols, Each People Glorify the Child Jesus in Their Own Way Christmas carols vary according to the national character, but all share the same notes appropriate to…
Smartphones The New Dictators

Minimalist Phones Show that Less can be More

Jon Paul Fabrizio Ever since the release of the smartphone, many have considered the “dumb phone” obsolete. In our frenetic society, the thought of not immediately googling some fact or following…

Celebrating Our Lady of Glory on the Assumption

In ancient times, people referred to the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady as the feast of Our Lady of Glory. They understood that the Assumption of Our Lady…

Why True Beauty Attracts And Converts Youth

 Plinio Maria Solimeo A recent study by a youth organization linked to England’s Anglican Church states that “church buildings are very influential in the conversion of youth to Christianity.” Analyzing…
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