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Neither Peace nor Honor in Afghanistan

The dramatic images of the fall of Kabul to the Taliban cannot help but evoke the strikingly similar scenes from the defeat of South Vietnam 46 years ago. Thousands of…

Climate, the end of the world can wait

How long do we have until the end of the world? Very little, one would think, when listening to the speeches at the “Leaders’ Climate Summit” convened by U.S. President Joe…

America Must Go Beyond Wishful Thinking About China

America and the West’s policy of “constructive engagement” with Communist China make up the most egregious case of wishful thinking in history. For almost fifty years, the West pumped trillions…

Why Joe Biden’s Rosary Is So Important

President Joe Biden’s insistence on his good standing with the Catholic Church is at odds with his positions on procured abortion, same-sex “marriage,” socialism and “transgender” activism. He is the…