Free Speech Is Under Attack In Brazil

Thirteen years ago, I moved to the United States from Brazil. Part of the reason I left was that my family was fed up with the crime, corruption, and socialist…

Leftists Propose Socialist Communities to Replace Police

The defund the police movement clearly defines its goal. Its activists believe police officers are agents of violence inside the community. Their solution is to eliminate police. However, these same…


A British scientist and government adviser is lamenting the pandemic-related lockdown, which he characterizes as a “monumental mistake on a global scale.” “I suspect right now more people are being…

Why the Great Depression of 2020 Will Be Different

They are already calling the current pandemic-induced economic crisis, “The Great Depression of 2020.” The paradigm is, of course, the Great Depression of 1929 that substantially changed the world’s model…

Hong Kong: the new law to squash the press

In a spectacular raid, broadcast live on video, a hundred Hong Kong police officers entered the Apple Daily’s headquarters, which has lead the way for the island’s democratic uprisings. The…

If Ocasio-Cortez hurls abuse at the patron saint of lepers…

The iconoclast saga, initiated by the Black Lives Matter protests, has added an interesting new chapter. The young congressional representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, champion of the (self-styled) anti-racist movement and rising…
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