Hong Kong: the new law to squash the press

In a spectacular raid, broadcast live on video, a hundred Hong Kong police officers entered the Apple Daily’s headquarters, which has lead the way for the island’s democratic uprisings. The…

If Ocasio-Cortez hurls abuse at the patron saint of lepers…

The iconoclast saga, initiated by the Black Lives Matter protests, has added an interesting new chapter. The young congressional representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, champion of the (self-styled) anti-racist movement and rising…

How Communist China Infiltrates American Universities

On July 17, 2020, Attorney-General William Barr gave a speech about the Chinese threat at the Gerald Ford Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Attorney-General’s choice of location was ironic, in that…

Beware! The Left Is Remaking the World Again

The seditious uprisings in response to George Floyd’s death have shaken the nation. New York Times op-ed writer Amna Akbar calls them “far different from anything that has come before.” As proof of…

The Sanger case proves that abortion is racism

Among the prominent victims of Black Lives Matter last week, one was with almost total silence: Margaret Sanger (1883-1966). Sanger’s name was removed from Manhattan’s Planned Parenthood abortion clinics. In 1921 Sanger…

The Catholic Spirit of Christopher Columbus

As the sun set, the Salve Regina hymn rang out across the Atlantic. Ninety men stood on the decks of three boats, led in prayer by Christopher Columbus, the foreign…

The World on course for a Demographic Catastrophe

By the end of the century, almost every country in the world will have fertility rates below the replacement level, 23 countries will see their population more than cut in…
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