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Fatima Today: Tragedy and Hope is an international initiative of the Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira Institute (IPCO) and its sister organizations, the Societies for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) and like-minded entities present in more than thirty countries. Together, this network of organizations constitutes the largest coalition fighting in defense of Christian civilization.


We launched this site on the occasion of the coronavirus pandemic that is currently raging across the world. As never before, it is necessary to analyze the ominous events of our times in light of the message of Our Lady of Fatima, considered by Pope Benedict XVI as “undoubtedly, [the] most prophetic of modern apparitions.”


In anticipation of the Synod of Bishops for the Pan-Amazon region in October of 2019, the IPCO launched the Pan-Amazon Synod Watch web site that served, according to one progressivist media outlet, as a “hub of resistance.”


During the Pan-Amazon Synod, pagan rituals honoring the “Pachamama” idol took place in the Vatican Gardens, Saint Peter’s Basilica, and Santa Maria in Transpontina. Faithful Catholics saw this as the clearest sign of what Pope Paul VI described as the “smoke of Satan” entering the Church and her mysterious process of “self-demolition.”


Both phenomena are the bitter fruits of a centuries-long crisis in the Christian West that Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira described in his masterpiece Revolution and Counter-Revolution. This historical process, which he called “the Revolution,” began with Humanism in the Renaissance and led directly to Protestantism, the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, and the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s. Now, this process is ushering in a new phase that is post-modern, tribal, ecological, and utopian, the kind preached by Greta Thurnberg and Pope Francis himself.


Radical ecological currents are interpreting the global health emergency created by the coronavirus pandemic and the overbearing response by most governments – often with the assistance of Communist China – as an example of what the world must do to solve the “global ecological emergency.”


On the contrary, Catholics faithful to the traditional teachings of the Church believe that the global health emergency is, perhaps, the last call from Our Lady for men to repent of their sins, make reparation, and return to God.


In the wake of the positive results of the Pan-Amazon Synod Watch, and in light of the prophetic insights of Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira regarding the religious and moral crisis of our times, we deem it appropriate to fight this false ecology, the encroachments by secular States on Catholic worship that under the pretext of sanitary prevention, and the destruction of the remnants of the Christian Civilization. We invite Catholics and all people of goodwill to recognize God’s hand – acting through secondary causes like a viral epidemic – as a call to conversion.


The message of Our Lady to the three shepherds of Fatima gives the proper theological and spiritual framework to understand these events from a supernatural perspective. It is indeed a message of tragedy, but above all, it is a message of great hope. Although Our Blessed Mother at Fatima warned of great chastisements and even the annihilations of entire nations, she also promised that, in the end, her Immaculate Heart will triumph.


Far from a naive optimism or a gloomy pessimism, a Catholic perspective of hope is necessary to see the events with that peace of soul, which can only come from the Faith and a supernatural spirit. Without hope, people remain at the mercy of revolutionary agitators who fish in troubled waters and misguide them with alarmist and often-contradictory analysis.


Illuminated by these principles, Fatima Today: Tragedy and Hope publishes articles by members of the Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira Institute as well as other authors that provide analysis and insight across a range of issues (although we do not necessarily share all the opinions of these authors).


In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, many governments, the media, non-governmental organizations, and Church leaders seek to impose a “new world” that is radically eco-tribalist and anti-Christian. Our objective is to oppose this flawed, materialistic interpretation of the pandemic and to be a “hub of resistance” to both despondent pessimism as well as secular, utopian solutions without God and the Virgin Mary.


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Note: The information contained on this website may inadvertently contain typos or inaccuracies. This information may be changed or updated at any time without notice, which is why we take no responsibility for its use or reproduction for any purpose. Fatima Today: Tragedy and Hope may also make improvements or changes to its contents without prior notice.


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