Why does Our Lady cry?


How Far Can Transgender Tyranny Go?

In the “woke” world, nothing trumps the impossible quest to change one’s sex. Two recent events highlight this tragic conclusion. The first case concerns a prisoner’s transfer in the California penal system.…
American Flag

Making Sense of the Chaos that is Destroying America

This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of the breakup of the Soviet Union, the world’s first communist state. In 1991, the Western world was euphoric at the supposed “death” of…
Green church

‘Green’ Church at the service of eugenics

We can’t help but feel dumbfounded after reading the 26-page “Pastoral Orientations on Climate Displaced People.” The Vatican document is replete with scientific and economic gibberish while sprinkled with warm…

Pope Francis’s “Abrahamic Religions”

During his Iraq trip (March 5–8), Pope Francis said more than once that Abraham is at the root of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. On arriving, he told civil authorities that…
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