Why does Our Lady cry?

Bishop Raps Friars for Opposing LGBT Agenda

Two Franciscan friars, including a distinguished bioethicist and moral theologian, have been censured for criticizing a pro-LGBTQ+ school curriculum imposed by Bp. Vincent Long Van Nguyen on Catholic schools in…

How the Transgender Revolution is Destroying Schools

The “sexual revolutionaries” of the sixties and their ideological descendants are all atwitter. On August 7, 2020, in official disregard of the Sixth and Ninth Commandments, the Fourth Circuit Court…
Woman Holding Birth Control Pills

Sixty years of the birth control pill

The first birth control pill, called Enovid, was commercialized in the in 1960. One year later, under the name Anovlar (“without ovulation”) and with a slightly different chemical composition, the…

One in four young adults contemplate suicide

Over a quarter of young adults aged 18-24 have seriously contemplated suicide over the last month, a new Centers for Disease Control survey has found.  The report, titled “Mental Health,…

America Must Not Abandon Europe

During his visit to Warsaw in July 2017, President Donald Trump gave one of the best speeches of his presidency. Addressing the people of Poland in front of the Warsaw…
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